Workplace Assessments & Investigations

Workplace Assessment and Investigative Services

At DCO Consulting Solutions, all assessment and investigations services will be completed respectfully, impartial, and confidentially by our team.  For all of our Assessments and Investigations you will be provided with a clear written report that you can use to make your decisions with confidence.

Workplace Assessment 
A workplace assessment is an effective response to workplace conflict where a series of conflict events have occurred or it includes a number of employees in a department or within a company.  It is an independent evaluation that helps your company identify the sources of conflict and issues that are affecting employee engagement and productivity.  Unlike an investigation, an assessment does not focus on a specific incident, and it does not focus on placing blame.  Workplace assessments are a way to gather information from leaders and employees to determine common themes.  Workplace assessments identify practical opportunities for positive change. 

Workplace Investigations
Workplace Investigations are necessary in cases of alleged theft, fraud, harassment, violence or any other types of dishonesty.   Our investigations are completed with professionalism, respect and objectively.  Employers do need to protect themselves from acts of theft and fraud.   All Employees should have a work environment that is healthy, respectful and psychologically safe.

Background/Pre-employment Investigations
Background investigation services are retained by business owners that wish to verify information that was provided to them during the application process.  A background investigation can also potentially bring to light new information that will assist the business owner in making an appropriate hiring decision.


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